Melanie Thornton Birthday Girl Launches the Rock Doll Hall of Fame

I'm A Rock Doll sends love to the friends, family and the many fans all around the world of Melanie Thornton, front woman for massively successful 90s German Eurodance sensation, La Bouche, which she had formed with fellow American, rapper Lane McCray.

Growing up in the South, “MT”, as she became known, was heavily influenced by legendary Rock and Blues goddesses Aretha Franklin and Roberta Flack. Earning her chops on the 80s Macon, Georgia music scene, Melanie traveled to Germany in 1992 (where her sister lived with her military mate), at the urging of her uncle, musician Bob Chisolm. There, Miss Melanie Thornton from Charleston, South Carolina hit her stride and found the acclaim that her talent deserved. Her voice still sings from the soundtracks of a handful of films, like A Night at the Roxbury and Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Just try not to shake your stuff along with La Bouche:


We all know that tomorrow is not promised...

give the most that we possibly can of our gifts and our talents...

enjoy as much as we possibly can.

-Melanie Thornton, in her final interview for German TV,

  just prior to boarding Cossair Flight 3597

Melanie Thornton would have hit a half century of love incarnate today, had her life not been cut sadly short fifteen years ago, following what became her final concert in Leipzig, Germany. That night, the crash of Crossair Flight 3597, en route to Zürich, Switzerland, took the voice of an angel from earth. Just two days before the scheduled release of  MT's new single and album, Wonderful Dream, and mere months after release of her first solo album, Ready To Fly, Melanie Thornton had soared her last, taking a fatal flight that suddenly ended her dream. Both albums went solid Gold in Germany.

Today, we say Happy 50th Birthday to a Rock Doll turned Rock Angel a beautiful soul at every age, Melanie Thornton. Leaving you with our gratitude for being able to share her "Wonderful Dream" with the world, thanks to this concert footage from MT's final performance on November 24, 2001, just hours before the final flight that took her life. Soar, Sister, we miss her.

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